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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  April 27, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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studio. i wish i was there with you. you must be having so much fun. [ laughter ] >> a lot of people are asking for you lucy. i'm having a blast out here. this is a big-time event. you know i love sports and i am in the middle of it all. as these fans over the last hour or so have really continued to pour in. this excitement as you can see behind me they're getting ready to get set for the big stage tonight 8:00 o'clock to find out who the number one will be pick. eagles pick at number 14. if you want to come out here there's plenty for you to do. there's food and there's drink but if you're a fan, they got stuff for you to do this is the nfl for more on that let's get over to chris o'connell at the nfl fan experience. chris? >> reporter: that is right, iain. i am pretty much in the thick of things right down the parkway from you. i've been here for about two or three days sitting -- seeing all the setup and it just a different world in here. 25 full football fields worth of tents. all kinds of stuff, all nfl and the great thing about it is there's all different teams. you never see -- see all
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different teams. all different colors. and they're all getting along. but one guy i ran into just a few minutes ago i'll take you back to 1999. the nfl draft eagles first pick donovan mcnabb i sat down with him to see what these players are going through tonight. >> the excitement of it all, you just can't wait to see where you're going to be drafted first and for most. you hope you get drafted earli earlier. your agent is gassing up in your head there's -- cleveland browns are asking about you and they got a higher pick. things of that nature. for these young men tonight's sleep will be so important for them to get that rest when it's all said and done you know because there will be so much excitement once your name is call. >> reporter: back out here live. i got to get real quick to these guys from south jersey what's it like having the nfl draft in your backyard. >> awesome, baby much it's awesome. >> best thing ever. >> best experience. once in a lifetime. >> it's all eagles here today, guys.
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but don't wear any other colors. i'll tell that you. >> e-a-g-l-e-s! [ laughter ] >> all right, chris you got rabid eagles fans i got some right behind me getting their heads spray painted green. eagles fans they bleed green. you all right know that. we'll find out who they'll pick at number 14 little bit later our draft coverage will continue live down here on the parkway in few minutes. lucy, back to you. >> thank you very much, iain. we have new developments and details tonight in the murder of a delaware state police trooper. corporal stephen ballard was a husband, a father, a hero. a man shot and killed ballard outside a wawa in bear just past noon yesterday. the 32-year-old corporal graduated from the police academy in 2009 and those who knew him best say he was a family man always warm, always smiling the man who police say took corporal ballard's life is now dead. died in a fire fight with law enforcement this morning outside his family's home in middle l middletown. jeff cole is live at the delaware state trooper barrack
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in glasgow. jeff. >> reporter: lucy what's amazing here actually we're now hearing the sound of a bagpipe being played obviously in preparation unfortunately for trooper barrel lard's funeral. state troopers are a tough bunch. they are very much down to business but tonight there's deep mourning for a personable young trooper. >> corporal stephen ballard work his cruiser alone with just his training and courage to guide him it's how he died alone battling to live. >> while i'm sad i am also eternally grateful and proud of the women and men who serve every day to protect us. >> reporter: it was just afternoon wednesday when a approached a red dodge charger in a bear delaware wawaing lot. he asked 26-year-old burgon seal toll get out. did he pulling a handgun and firing. >> corporal ballard immediately went to the ground. the suspect then fired multiple
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rounds at close range again striking him in the upper body. >> sealy with a criminal history in florida fled to his family home in suburban middletown police track him with the help of this family explosives were used to batter the house where sealy emerged after 9:00 this morning and was cut down. >> 9:17am, the armed suspect exiteexited the residence and ed police. he was then shot by law enforcement. >> reporter: by late morning, stunned residents were allowed back home. >> we got bits and pieces of something that happened up on 40 at the wawa and then you know we kind of peaced it together. >> reporter: while police launch a probe of their fellow trooper's killing. >> steve and i work together for the past year and a half. we had a great time working, very ease city work with. he loved his job and he loved being out there serving everyo everyone. >> reporter: he loved being out there serving everyone. they said quite a personable guy who actually had a goal. actually becoming the governor they thought in fact he had a
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personality to do that. how did this guy get the guns that he used? that's not a question state police answered just yet or whether there's a chance that this young man, too, could have been radicalized. police wouldn't comment. i'm jeff cole live in delaware, lucy, back to you. >> thank you, jeff. a hold taupe pay less in south philly robber got away with cash by claiming he had a gun in a handbag at the shoe store other than oregon avenue just before 7:00 in the evening on april 14th. investigators are just now releasing the surveillance video yo because this guy is still on the street. they want to catch him. nobody is hurt though. busted, a series of big drug raids in trenton has three people behind bars and $200,000 worth of raw heroin off the streets. now these three all face charges from yesterday's raids besides drugs agents also confiscated cash and guns. investigators say this operation shows how badly heroin is proliferating in our area. happening right now, a murder investigation in wilmington. it happened along the 900 block of kirkwood street just before
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10:00 last night. police say they found 16-year-old tynesha see fuss someone had shot her over and over. she died at the hospital. so far no arrest. the search is on for a peeper listen to this that's a sketch by the way of the guy police say follow add woman into the bathroom and watched her through a crack in a stall. it happened sunday evening at the triumph brewery in princeton, new jersey. police say the managers told him to leave and he was gone by the time officers arrived. ♪ all righty. you know the music. nfl draft coverage gets you pumped up that music. live look at the ben franklin parkway. somewhere down in that massive crowd is our very own iain page. all right, let's look for him close -- we have to zoom in all the way to get you live at the nfl draft experience. hey, iain. >> lucy, hey thanks i made it all the what down here close to this huge stage. i'm 6-foot three. this thing is huge hyped me a lot of talk and speculation and mock draft about who the eagles are going to pick this year.
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all these rabid eagles fans who bleed green have got their penn about who they'll draft at number 14. now we don't know who they'll draft. we can make educate the guess to find out a little bit more insight information let's send it over to ron burke who's on the red carpet. ron? >> reporter: iain here at the top of the art museum steps looking at the players as they begin to come down the first few players announced we have adori jackson the cornerback from usc eagles have need at that position great need and just about 15 feet away is corey smith he is -- corey davis a receiver from western michigan a player seems to be a fan favorite here among the fans gathered behind me here at the red carpet. calling his name. i heard some fans say corey at 14. corey and eagles that kind of thing that's kind of the enthusiasm we're witnessing he here. short time ago i spoke with eagles safety rodney mcleod they won't be pick ago safety to take his place in the first round tonight. i asked rodney what position do you think this team should address at number 14. >> i just want them to make the best pick.
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do whatever they have to make sure our team gets better. i have some opinions. >> give me one. >> i'm thinking possibly cornerback or unrunning back. those are two positions i'm thinking. >> eagles players are eager to see who will be joining them -- their forces. another player rodney didn't mention gary i don't know conley the cornerback from ohio statewidely protect the to be a top ten pick of course he ran into some off field problems. he's the center of a sexual assault investigation. so it's highl highly doubtful he at the eagle and perhaps won't get drafted this week and of the we'll see how that place out. iain, back to you. >> ron, thank you very much. we got a lot of eagles fans. can't wait to fine out who they'll pick at number 14. i know a lot of us hoping to get carson wentz a few more weapons so we can make a run to the playoffs. our draft coverage will continue from down here to the parkway. for now lucy we'll zen it back to you. >> thank you very much, iain. have fun out there. this is not fun. get ready for delays on nj transit. amtrak says it's going to start repairing the issues behind the break downs at new york's penn
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station. that work is set to start next month. and could delay services summer. amtrak not specified how service on its lines, long island railroad or nj transit could get impacted with all of this, but says it's going release more information nest coming days. you just have to wait. >> the school bell is going to ring later at a local school district. why it made its decision is pretty amazing just like our weather. hey, kathy. >> unbelievable, lucy. >> from tonight through tomorrow we'll see a few showers and then near record warm many. it's unbelievable forecast. we'll have the numbers coming up right after this.
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what a scene down here to the ben franklin parkway. as we continue to get closer to the nfl draft. just a spectacular scene down here on the parkway. thousands of people and fans from all over. you know the nfl is a great must see television every week because the people are so rabid about their fans. you may be familiar with the make wish foundation. there's a young boy who wanted a wish to come true he wanted to announce the baltimore ravens first round pick because he's a ravens fan. they want to make it happen for him. he was on "good day philadelphia" earlier today. here's what he had to say. >> how are you feeling? >> i'm feeling good. >> yeah? >> even better because i'm going get the ravens first round draft pick. >> i was a little nervous. >> yes. >> what school do you go to. >> mcdonough. >> down in maryland, right. >> yeah. >> ravens fan your whole life. >> yes. >> you play football, right? >> yes. >> what's your position.
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>> defensive end. >> one day do you want to be up there? >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> that should be pretty exciting tonight. should be a great spectacle. that will make a good viewing. also of course the eagles pick number 14. we'll have to wait a few little bit to fine out who they pick. but it's been a blast down here on the ben franklin parkway lu lucy. i wish you could have been down here with me. for now we'll send it back to you. >> i'm thinking field trip after the show. i'll get kathy orr and come join you. >> good idea. >> some area students are as elated as iain is down to the parkway right now. starting neglect year they'll be able to sleep in 25 minutes. every minute counts when you're a teen or an adult like me. the unionville chadds ford school board vot voted this weeo change it's start time. high school student there actu actually came one with the proposal four year ago. he research he had. he put together his own committee and then he presented it to the board. showing the academic and health
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benefits. turns out science was on his side. research shows that teens biological clocks change in high school. they have a really hard time falling asleep before 11:00 p.m. many schools across the country have already shifted their start times. reaction here, mixed. >> we'll be getting up a little bit later which is fine because we're getting up 5:30 as toys get him out the door and teenagers they're just tired. >> i think it's a bad idea. i think the kids are acclimated to the schedules they have now. all of the sports revolve around it. i just think it would throw a wrench into the whole thing. >> the school district acknowledges it's going to have to change some stuff up like busing, some sports and after school activities. but it believes it's in the best overall interest of its studen students. >> ♪ i love it. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. live look at the ben franklin parkway where hundreds of thousands of people are going to check out the draft experience. of course, they're banking on sunshine and warmth hoping it
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will stickie round. kathy is breaking it all down in only 15 seconds. >> unbelievable lucy. look what's behind me. isn't this great. >> us a some. i'm telling you we'll go down there kathy. >> oh yeah. get your walking shoes ready good i see iain. he's right there. >> you got eagle eyes which is why you're ad weather authority. >> take a look at today haas high temperatures. reading 81. philadelphia and allentown 80. trenton and wilmington and ac cooler. atlantic city 69. that's 9 miles inland at the atlantic city airport. you can see what an influence the ocean water has had on that temperature. much cooler. 77 in the city right now. 80 in allentown. it's 78 degrees in reading in wilmington and dover 71. right along the coastal plane we have a southerly wind so you get
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that ocean influence so the northern zones of our shore points ocean city the boardwalk and atlantic city and beach haven a little bit cooler ocean water temperature only 54. the southern zones you can see milder wildwood checking in at 67. here's some good news. tomorrow the winds are westerly and that will be strong enough to prevent a sea breeze to means go down the shore because temperatures will be quite warm tomorrow compared to what they were like today. clouds will be on the increase during the late night hours. wee he we're watching these showers that are moving pretty fast across the keystone state. these will be moving in overnight. but they shouldn't create any issues for you. if you're heading to the draft experience tomorrow. go hour by hour. you can see the clouds move in late tonight. these showers spotty and you can see a few waves moving through about 4:00 a.m., 5:00 a.m., through about the 7am hour. and then we'll be drying out. so clouds to start tomorrow. but temperatures in the 80 80s today tomorrow and even through the day on saturday then a cold front moves through. we'll be back to somewhat of a reality of the season.
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now as we look ahead temperatures overnight tonight are going to be pretty mild for this time of year. the clouds will be on the increase. 65 degrees. that's near the normal high for this time of year. but it will be mild overnight with the showers moving on in. tomorrow we start witness clouds but then you see the blue sky. it will turn milky white with increase in humidity. it's going to be warm out there we're not used to this. so please make sure you drink lots of water if you'll be spending time outdoors. make sure you pack the sunscreen because that sun is very strong. winds will be out of the west at five to 10 miles an hour. take look at your seven day forecast from the weather authority. you can see saturday 88. that's near a record. sunday 72. warm again monday. with some storms. tuesday, wednesday and thursday we see a cool down but i want to your attention to this on saturday in particular the record you can see right here, 88. the record 90 we're going for a-88. so we'll be very close lucy to that record and we'll see if we make it to 90 degrees for saturday. but all in all looking pretty decent especially for the nfl
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draft. it's pretty exciting. >> i have theory why it's so h hot. >> do you? >> yeah it's the hundreds of thousands of visitors and body heat emanating throughout the city right now. maybe it's just me. >> sean bell might back me up on this one. >> do you think that's it? >> you think the draft is important? >> just a little bit, okay. we care a little bit about the draft. if you didn't already know. eagles have the 14th overall pick and there's a lot of different possibilities at that spot. so we'll head down to novacare with how war eskin to talk about possibilities at that 14th spot. that's coming up next in sports. hey allergy muddlers are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec® it's starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day.
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♪ nfl draft is finally here. the eagles have the 14th overall pick and they better get it right. this is where howie roseman and joe douglas are supposed to make their money. the fans are at the parkway but all the decisions are being made at novacare. our howard eskin at the novacare complex. howard i know you spoke to
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roseman earlier. what are you hearing now? >> reporter: okay. here's what's going to happen. i'll tell you first the guys i'm not hearing. although ruben foster the linebacker from alabama real really will have to think about that. but we're talking character issues here not just diluted test sample but some other issues that could be a problem and probably will be a problem. obviously gary on conley and mike williams is not a problem but i don't think they like him. so here are the possibilities at 14 and i think -- i don't think the eagles will move up. the first possibility is jonathan allen. listed at times defensive end, listed at times as defensive tackle he's very good. he could go before but if there's three quarterbacks taken somewhere before the eagles, if there's three, he's got a chance to move down. he's got a chance. let's just put that it way. another player and this is the guy that i think really could be their pick. wide receiver out of western
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michigan and his name is corey davis. he's 6-foot two. got speed. no character issues with the two guys i've talked about so far. not at all. and i don't think christian mccaffery will be in this mix either. john ross out of washington. good receiver but not as big. so i don't know if they really wanting to that direction. but i don't think they're going to have to go that far down the list. the three guys jonathan allen, corey davis wide receiver, john ross a wide receiver and another name to look for depending on where he slips or goes is derek barnett the defensive end out of tennessee. so here's what i'm going to tell if you high to pick one player, i would take the wide receiver out of western minnesota corey davis as the player i think for multiple reasons and he's a good guy. he would be the guy i think they're going to take at 14. so we'll see what happens. it starts 8:00 o'clock and i'll see you again tonight. >> all right. howard, of course, corey davis and ross said they want to be an eagle.
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thank you howard. quick note on the phillies they earlier game today at citizens bank park. sixth inning rookie gets his first career triple. michael saunders comes in to score phils go on to win this game three-two. but of course all the news is about the draft. and hopefully the eagles get impact player and big shout out to the temple guys. haason reddick may be a top ten pick now. temple strong. >> tonight at 10:00, this couple signed on to run rent a philly home. they had to walk away when the landlord tried to tell them who could not visit them. fox 29 investigates has their story. all right. so you probably heading down to the draft. >> little parkway action. >> i wish i can. i've got things i've got to do it now. that does it for us at 6:00. we'll be back here at 10:00v great night night. inside edition is up next. ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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. world exclusive. the wife of the middle-aged teacher who ran off with his 15- year-old student. >> it really hurts me. >> betrayed beyond belief. now she is speaking out, only to "inside edition." >> i won't let him hurt me like that again. i will not let him betray me like that again. >> and the shocking conversations she's had with her husband since his capture. >> what was the first thing you said to your husband? >> then, he just had to go. >> the latest passenger kicked off a flight for going to the bathroom. >> i had to use the rest room. >> and new bachelor mystery. >> who drove the getaway car? >> why did he stay holed up in his house? why did he not answer the door? then, was whitney houston


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